Tournament Points Question

I have seen how tournament points are calculated, but what do they mean? Is there any way to know how my tournament points compare to the tournament points of other players? Or is it just a number that really has no meaning other than a vague indication I have placed in a few tournaments?

Unless there is some way to evaluate the tournament points I don’t see their value. Even if the top points were posted somewhere it would allow a player to have some idea of how they are doing by comparison.

Hi Tom,
If you click on Promotions you can see a list of the leaderboards on the left of the screen. Leaderboards show players’ ranks in each game, and on monthly or yearly basis. These ranks are calculated according to accumulated tourney points from each tourney you play.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi Tom

While points earned in Freerolls don’t always have a meaning, in that they don’t contribute to a Leaderboard, the Bankroll Builder tournaments have Leaderboard competitions and their purpose is to enable players to compare recent scores, for instance over a week, month or a year and win an additional prize. The Bankroll Builder points go to the Holdem Monthly and Annual - Low Leaderboards as well as the shorter term weekly one.

As mentioned by Maya, if you visit the promotions page, you can see your position on each of the Bankroll Builder Leaderboards, e.g.