Top 10 is fun but

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yessss please!


i guess we all play for fun in here LoL

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You can generally see this in promotions/competitions RP runs. Generally there is a top 100 and sometimes if I play & score points I might be ranked 211th or 567th etc. I’m guessing this is generally the idea for the Top List too?

I do like watching the Top List. I don’t really care about my position in general because I can see my rank on my profile. It would be interesting to be able to see more than just the Top Ten for Rank. Its difficult to remember the top 1th to 20th ranked players etc.

In terms of biggest pots being ranked. My biggest pots are a drop in a bucket for the top 10 so its not very useful to me or at least 98% of other players to see this comparison. Some other stats like most hands played or folded etc are also interesting. It would be interesting to see who is coming up to make some of these lists…

What else is there to play for on a FREE poker site?

RP has more important things to do like tinkering with bank page and adding new missions etc. If they don’t have time to fix bugs/glitches/errors then dreams really wont come true… :frowning:

i care, but most of the ppl dont! so no worries :wink:

Being in the top 10 is not a priority of mine. I like playing poker with my friends most, win or lose.

my goal will be top 1000? at the toplist!
ofc not at the ranking, all ranking is pointless!

I would just like to be able to see my stats in the toplist categories areas. MTT tournaments won, MTT Total Chips won, MTT top 3 finishes, MTT in the money finishes. Yearly, Monthly, and weekly points. The site already collects that information for each player in order to make the toplists. If I can go on a regular leaderboard and see where my 2 royal games rank me for the yearly leaderboard, I dont see why toplists cant do the same or just list it on my statistics page. Wouldn’t think it would be too difficult.

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As long as you’re having fun. When you’re not it’s pointless.