100 people in Toplist!

At this moment the Toplist page is limited to a number of 10 ranks. So my idea is to give the players to option to enlarge this list with a button underneat this list of 10 to show the toplist of the best 100 people.

Feel free to reply

Great suggestion, thanks Sander!

hm, i think woud be nice to have on Biography/profile page the best place on the toplist. so they can show off for good with it. LIKE: Happiness year 2009 Multi Table Tournaments Yearly Rank second place Happiness year 2010 Multi Table Tournaments Yearly Rank first place Happiness year 2011 Multi Table Tournaments Yearly Rank 100. place And…/ OR Best Tournament place for this Player (Rank)

NR 1 Best Tournament place for this Player (Chips Won)

NR 6

There is already top 10, but i think we could have it or whole separate list until top 100 ranks. Above that ranks change kinda rapidly so i dunno if there is point to go higher (well maybe to 200?). It would be cool for players to see 10 players above and beneath them too. How is the rank searching idea coming together anyway?

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i love the biography idea or just an option to see all the (mayor) cashes in tournaments or so (maybe friends only if you want that only friends can see). there are a lot of possibilities with that.

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It just that for tourney wins and most finishes in the money are dominated by the top players, people who have been here for years etc and we have no chance of catching up.

I’ve finished in the money on most of my recent tournys and am nowhere near the toplists - apart from the weekly points ones. I don’t think the majority of people here have a chance of getting on ‘‘most wins’’ or the other lists.

I think RP want more toplist and stats, I put your thread here, more vote , more attention, more ideas better in one place about same topic :slight_smile:

Good stuff. I know revamping the toplists is on the roadmap, but no ETA just yet. I agree that it would be nice to feel like you at least have a chance to make it on the list. :slight_smile:

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It really would be great to see a complete list of the ranking rather than just the top 10.

Love the game.