Leader Board user name


I would add your own user name and your rank at the bottom of each lists on the top leader board at https://www.replaypoker.com/toplists thanks

I dont quite follow you. Wanna explain?

He’s saying if you don’t fall in the Top N that’s included in the lists that everyone sees, that you can at least see what rank you are for yourself. So like, 1…100, and then in 30,007th place, you.


I get it. Musta been having a brain fart. Think I’d pass on that idea.

As you mention 99.9999% of us are miles away. I do think weekly & monthly biggest post won would be an interesting addition.

On second thoughts it might be interesting for the: Best player this week & month or best hands etc. Maybe put it on the Dashboard page. Dashboard is so boring & useless that I just never bother using it.

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Click the arrow next to your profile pic on the dashboard page, select "top lists’ from the drop-down menu and you will find best player, biggest pots, most hands played etc stats.

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Im well aware of the Top List & look at it often. I wasn’t understanding OP suggestion. It was explained already but thanks.