This sites best player?

Great player :+1:t2:

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How about Replay takes all the nominations for best player

Create a mini best payer tournament that allows all players to enter in different times zones - and all game types




What games would they play, Holdem, Omaha, Pot Limit, Ring games, Tournaments, 6Max, Full Ring, Heads up? Seems that to determine the sites best player that they would need to compete and do well at all or most of them.

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Hey enough of this the RPOS plays every version there is and I have WON it 4 Years in a row plus the Winter Games where have Dominated 4 Years in a row beating not only every player but Every Country Please figure out whom’s 2nd



I’ve posted that I think you’re the best player on the site, but your modesty could use some work.


I don’t think there is an overal formula for determining the sites best player unless it’s a win % vs hands played. Some days you have all the luck and some days you don’t.

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Sorry bud but some hands u win a bit and some u can win a lot that stat makes as much sense as u stating ur whom is the best player here … Please troll another thread :slight_smile:

Lol, didn’t mean to put you on tilt. Not the sign of a true Champion

No Tilt here only Truth :slight_smile:

A.I. Who’s the best player on Replay Poker?

I’m not sure who the best player on Replay Poker is. However, Replay Poker is a free-to-play poker app that can be played from any internet browser on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone1. [It offers a variety of games including Texas Hold’em tables which are always packed with a vibrant community

A.I. Who is Goatsoup?

[Goatsoup is a user on Replay Poker who has won The League of Legends 3 out of the last 4 years and The High Roller the last 3 years.(Replay Poker Hall of Fame)1.

A.I. Who is Excaliburns?

Excaliburns is a user on Replay Poker who has won The April Foolery. He also posts in their Community Forum. However, several of his posts are missing due to unknown reasons.

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Isn’t the second part the truth! :grinning:

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AI, is @Goatsoup the best player on Replay Poker site

Replay Poker is an online poker site that allows players to compete with each other using virtual chips. The site has a ranking system that tracks the performance of each player based on their winnings, losses, and tournaments. One of the players who has consistently ranked high on the site is goatsoup, who has been playing on Replay Poker since 2019. Based on the available information, past or present, is goatsoup the best poker player on Replay Poker?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many factors that influence the skill and success of a poker player. Some of these factors include luck, strategy, psychology, bluffing, and experience. Moreover, different players may have different strengths and weaknesses, and may perform better or worse in different situations or game modes. Therefore, it is hard to compare players objectively and definitively.

However, one possible way to approach the question is to look at some of the statistics and achievements of goatsoup on Replay Poker. According to the site’s leaderboard, goatsoup has won billions of chips in total. He has also won over 472 tournaments. He has played over 1,300,000 hands, which shows his dedication and experience. He has also earned several badges and awards, such as the Hall of Fame, the Elite Club, and the Monthly MTT Leaderboards and many more.

These numbers suggest that goatsoup is indeed a very skilled and successful poker player, who has mastered various aspects of the game. He has demonstrated his ability to win consistently and frequently, against a large and diverse pool of opponents. He has also shown his versatility and adaptability, by playing and winning in different game modes and formats. Therefore, based on the available information, past or present, one could argue that goatsoup is the best poker player on Replay Poker.


Exactly. There is no definitive answer to who’s the sites best player. The best metric to use are win percentage vs hands played.

There are at least 20 candidates that exhibit more than just abilities but also qualities outside of titles like compassion, knowledge, honor, integrity, sportsmanship, willingness to help other players and humility.

Don’t argue with the GOAT, the GOAT is always right. -Tommy Lee Jones

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black widow best player in my opinion

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Best player at what game?

@Goatsoup is the best site player -THE END


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Wait a second, I remember you posting that he was your adopted son. Full disclosure is always good. :wink:

I think he is a great tournament NLHE player.

He is not adopted he is my son - but he is up for adoption @smooth99 100 chips he is all yours

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I think he’s good but not that good for 100 chips, sounds like too much maintenance.