Replay Poker Hall of Fame

Replay Poker Hall of Fame

I’d like to see a REPLAY Poker Hall of Fame on FORUMs. Similar to the PHOF maybe call it the Replay Hall of Fame.

A lot of players like to discuss this sites best player/s. In the PHOF many players are added that contribute to poker, and not just players per say.

I’d prob nominate @birba11 and @puggywug for their contributions to the site!

Players leave poker like Doyle Brunson and also many on RP too. It sad to forget their legacy and nostalgic to remember!

Who would you nominate? THOUGHTS?


I’ve been suggesting this for a couple of years. A permanent list page added to the Toplist section. I’ve suggested the winner of the annual tournaments e.g., the RPOS. It would be an added incentive to play these tournaments.


I only been here 17 months so i am not sure WHO, but good idea…Maybe when a friend passes on here i would nominate them…


After much reflection I think if there was a Replay Poker Hall of Fame it should be reserved for those Outstanding Poker Players that contributed so much not only to the game but educating other in the Community Forums and truly great poker stories that have passed away.

It is my honor to nominate my friend and neighbor in Massachusetts ,

@Alan25main :pray:t2:


I think I remember one also which was the winner of the annual RPOS series. They discontinued it after the first 4 or 5 years and changed the winner format to the current one.

There was a guy who came out of the blue (Arizona I think) and won it twice in a row. I remember because I was in the running but he knocked me out those two years. Not that I’m holding any grudges.


@marklou whom is from Arizona did win the RPOS 2 years in a row prior to my 1st year competing. Since then I have won The League of Legends 3 out of last 4 years and The High Roller the last 3 years. Have won Both the last 2 years in a row :slight_smile:


Very nice idea…

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Oh, is he the one?

Again, I don’t hold any grudges but if Replay added a Hall of Fame (or not) for this year’s RPOS winner, I think it would be Sweet if I was able to knock him out of the running in this year’s Final Game.

It may appear I’m poking two sleeping bears in this post but I hope you are considering playing in this year’s RPOS. Now, that would make winning this year’s really Sweet for me.

With all do respect, I don’t think a Hall of Fame is about Arizona, California, Tennessee or even The Great State of Alabama of current players. It should ou Great Players and contributors to the site as I believe has been mentioned. I Vote for Profile - Alan25main - Replay Poker

It is a Great Idea for Great Poker Memories!


If u want a Memorial page they could make one. It could have a contributor section in a HOF but then where do u draw the line there and how is that determined. The OP recommended puggy like really why??? Also any player should have won multiple titles not just once in a given year or it could then have categories for RPOS, Winter Games etc… .


Hi @Goatsoup , Great to hear from you my friend. And I agree there would probably never be a consensus from the players awarded to a HOF. But Great Idea!

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If folks are going to argue about it, it’s not worth having. I’ll write an article for the Replay Blog about it.

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There is No Argument going on here

So let’s call it what ? Difference of opinion?
The shot at puggy was a start . Seems like your advocating for yourself Goat.

I’m sticking to my original idea posted on the beginning of the thread, after all, some of us might get on the HOF when we’re dead.

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The OP has asked for thoughts on candidates for a Replay Hall of Fame, I do not think he expected people to nominate themselves or debate the recommendations of others. Please keep this thread in the spirit of generosity.
Thank you.


The “shot” at puggy was not a start it would be a finish. What r the player that complains the most on the forum about their hands while using the most words ever be given such an honor??

As far as myself it is quite obvious that my championships on this site would give me 1st ballot statis :slight_smile:

Whom ever might join me in such a hall should be worthy. Many players might foot that bill but the reasons for such should be valid and backed up by facts.

Best of luck at the tables

The Goat :goat: :sunglasses:

p.s I never nominated myself I answered a question regarding @marklou whom btw did compete in last years RPOS placing an impressive 2nd in the High Roller and would also be a 1st ballot HOFer given his 2 RPOS Championships

My second nomination would be my friend Phil aka @Mr_Monk. Great poker poker and all round great guy here at Replay Poker and everywhere. RIP Phil :pray:t2:


YES, this is not the RP Hall of Shame!!! :poop: Nominate a player as a recommendation and then other players can vote. Vote YES for any player, but please no need to vote against any recommended players in a disrespecting and disparaging way!

Debating respectfully is perfectly fine IMO and is basically the same way the HOF works for real poker, however #positivity and #generosity makes for a more interesting discussion IMO.

Disrespecting a player bc you don’t want them nominated is completely unnecessary and counterproductive to the purpose of the post.

Correct! That is NOT how the real Poker HOF works either! But more importantly I dont think anyone else is interested in “Phil Hellmuth” types of players, that want to brag about how great they think they are, and in the process disrespect and disparage suggested players.

I’m absolutely with you on that :+1:t2: it’s a shame some have !!!

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I nominate @Goatsoup his records speak for itself end off. Please do not respond to me with any comments regarding my nomination. Thanks