This morning I was rank 21 and I came back and ranks 22 whats going on?

see above

Hi abbygirl

Previous the ranking was updated once a day. Since today more times a day.

Greetings Happiness.

so its changed to several times a day?

They changed it today yes, guess it is live already now.

That’s correct, we’ve improved the rank so it now updates every hour on the hour, throughout the day and night. Before it would update once a day.

It would be great to update it in real-time, but for now, the best we could probably push it to is every 10 mins. Before we do that would be useful to hear if it’s desirable or not?

Sorry, thets my fault…

If wont slow down the page load/server, yes can be done every 10 min, nice

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled can you explain to me why im back at rank 22 when players are ranked lower with less.. whats the use its broken system.

Chips in play not count, only whats in your bank, this may explain the sudden change for you abbygirl?

Or something else ? RP did just change it yesterday , if not correct for you please explain whats it exactly?


It’s updated every hour now abbygirl, we could probably reduce this down to every 10 mins if you like?

Well we took the initiative and changed it to update every 10 mins now. Enjoy!