SnG medium monthly board is not updating. It shows last update was 7 hours ago

last update on SnG medium board was 78 hours ago

Hi plazz

As far i can see no medium SnGs are played the past hours, so no update.

Well that makes sense. Guess I have never seen 7 hours go by without a med game played. Thank you Happiness

ok Happiness, I bought it for a little bit lol but I started watching and it is not only when no one played. I can play two or three SnG’s and it still has not updated the first one I played. Sorry but sale on that one lol…

It shows that the leaderboard is updating, it is end of the month and i not know how many SnGs you played this month already. I’ll ask to check your score and if there is a problem with improving the score of the best played 100 SnGs.

The leaderboard is working as it should work, you played 100+ SnGs you have to improve one of your best 100 played SnGs to make your score go up.

For example, when your worst played SnG (of your best 100) is the 3th place in a 10K SnG and you became 3th again in a 10K SnG, your score not goes up.

When you become 2nd, your new score will be a bit higher, minus the tournament points of the 3th place and plus the tournament points of the 2nd place.

Replay Poker is working on a way to show the number of played SnGs for the leaderboard. That will make it easier.