There are only three type of poker players!

From my experience, there are only 4 types of poker players.

  1. those players who think they are really good, and as a matter of factly, they really are that great!
  2. those players who think they are really good, but as a matter of factly not very good!
  3. those players who think they are not that good, but as a matter of factly not very good!
  4. those players who think they are not that good, but as a matter of factly is actually very good!

type 1 need no mention, they are household names such as Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson!
type 2 the person that immediately comes to my mind would be Daniel Negreanu.
type 3 would be someone like Phil Hellmuth
type 4 are mostly amateurs who have PROFESSIONAL DREAM but does not know when to take the leap of faith.

About Daniel Negreanu, I see him chastize Phil Hellmuth on television telling Hellmuth that he is no good at cash games. But the funny thing is he is just as bad as Phil Hellmuth when it comes to cash. And in all honesty, the only difference between him and Hellmuth is that Hellmuth knows he is not good and he is only there for the television camera, and Negreanu actually thinks he is good! What a pathetic little guy Negreanu is. I think he is the worst player there is and a predator of a weak player and as a matter of factly, that’s where he made all his money against weak players!

I don’t see Phil Hellmuth as a Type 3. He has a huge ego, and it’s unlikely that he thinks he’s not that good. He also has a huge amount of wins.

He gets a lot of attention for how he carries on and whines when he loses. It’s so “entertaining” it gets a lot of views. You don’t see him when he’s playing well all that much in comparison.

I can’t stand his personality, because he’s a poor sport and berates players who beat him, but he has plenty enough WSOP wins to be considered a Type #1. For that matter, so does Negreanu. Do you really think that there’s a successful professional player who isn’t really that good? Tell me how you do against them if you’re playing against them that regularly that you can make a qualified judgement of them.

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cash game not turnament! I should of been more specific, oh well!

You did say cash game, my bad.

I still don’t know that that changes my mind any. I’d need to see the data on their performance in cash games.

What a load of bs, you cant say those guys arent good lol Hellmuth has 7 wsop bracelets, 7! im pretty sure thats the current world record and Negraenu is in the poker hall of fame ffs. I mean you may not like them which is ok, thats your opinion, but to say they aren’t good at poker that makes you sound really arrogant, shame on you. Would be like saying Tyson wasnt that good at boxing or Einstein couldnt do math. bs, bs… BS.

PS. Ever heard what Brunson has to say about Negraenu’s poker play?

PPS. The saying is ‘as a matter of fact’ not factly, I dont think factly is even an english word. Just saying.

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Cash game, and yes i agree with you tournament they are good predatoril player against weak player!

You really need to back up these claims about Hellmuth and Negreanu with some analysis of their play in cash games that backs up your assessment.

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I want to, but I just don’t have time to write everything down and I don’t think I want to share all my secrets either! Just take a leap of faith with me aka(trust me)!

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:man_shrugging: I mean, if you’re not going to be forthcoming of your knowledge, why bother publishing anything at all? If you’re that afraid of players catching up to your skill level based on a little reading, I think that says something about the strength of your game. Billion chips or no.

okie dokie, you are right!

There are only 2 types of ice cream

  1. Chocolate
  2. Vanilla
  3. Strawberry

This post is Yogi Berra-esque


I believe George Carlin got the 10 commandments down to 3.
I wont even try and post that link…

Ilovecat, while I agree you think you’re really good…
its Subjective if you really are that great…

Therefore , RPOS is apon us :dancer:
:carrot: Win League of Legends and Tournament of Champions
Take your place as a #1 type player, me I’m stuck as a #3 :unamused:


I also feel you are not being fair to me, because I basically told you how to improve and become pro. Buy a poker software such as PIOSOLVER, run it on your computer. And in no time you will be playing gto!!!

not really, there is only one player on replay that plays as good as me, IDIOTPLAYER!