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In my honest opinion it’s time for the Patriots to cut Cyrus Jones. He isn’t good.

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I thought Brady did pretty good from what I saw 6 for 9 and one TD pass. Only his first preseason game he played. I was very surprised Gronkoski played considering his injury history only preseason. Grappalo did alright 6 for 6 on a touchdown drive. Foster made a good TD catch. Texans win 27 -23.

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It was as an ugly game, just ugly. Good to see Rob on the field but they could have thrown us diehard Patriots fans a bone.



A bone ? maybee some easier balls to catch :thinking: … lolol … :zipper_mouth_face:
I need a drink … anyone got a “Orange Crush” ?? … :innocent:


Orange Crush. You kill me sometimes lol :joy:


Just sometimes?? I’m on fire today…(edit) ( forum wise )

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Monday Night Football.

Cleveland Browns 10 - New York Giants 6


Preseason: The only time the Browns will ever go 2 - 0!!!

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Hahahaha :+1:t2:


As a NY Giant fan I have always respected Jim Brown and the entire Browns organization. I am sure, as such, that you are reporting the final score only for informational reasons. Yes??? ))

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But of course, just like the other informational scores that are posted :slight_smile:


Third pats preseason game tonight! Patriots vs Lions tonight at 7:00!

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The Patriots are only 3 1/2 point favorites over the Lions.

Go Pats, show us some magic !!!

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Ok I’m feeling the magic lol.

Patriots 21 Lions 0 with 6 minutes left in the first quarter!!!



Yep doing pretty good so far. Now 24 - 0. Just hope Edlemen isn’t seriously injured.

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According to reports the Patriots believe Edelman tore his ACL. He’ll have an MRI on Saturday to determine the extent of the injury but I’d say he’s probably done for the year.


Tuff ending to a night that started good. We will know today. Hoping for the best.

Good thing the Patriots have a lot of depth :+1:t2:

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The Patriots’ worst fears were confirmed Saturday.

An MRI revealed that wide receiver Julian Edelman, Tom Brady’s favorite target, suffered a complete ACL tear in his right knee, the MMQB’s Albert Breer reported.

Edelman, who lead the Super Bowl champs in receptions and yards last season, injured his knee in New England’s 30-28 preseason win over the Lions Friday night.

The injury occured when the veteran receiver was tackled by Lions safety Tavon Wilson on the Patriots’ opening drive. After being evaluated in a blue tent behind the team’s bench, he was carted off the field.

“We’ve got great chemistry together, and he’s an incredible player,” Brady said. “But someone will have to step up.”

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I think Chris Hogan will be the guy to step up. He’s a good deep reciver.

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