Sweat a friends hand

I think it would be cool if there was an option to show your hand, as you are playing, to friends spectating the game, friends at the table who have already folded, or even just players at the table who have folded if they accept. This can be a fun aspect of live cash games when u show your neighbor your cards after he has folded so they can sweat it out with you. Just a thought Thanks!

Show your hand, chat ends for you at that table for the duration. Then you can show all of your hands at anytime. That should be mandatory for anyone who wants to show their hand before the hand is over. Your choice. Won’t be long before you’ll be sitting there alone.

well, you would only show your hand to people you trust not to blurt it out.
Anyways, It’s already expected that you don’t say what your hand is in the chat while the hand is being played, and so far I haven’t meet one person who’s broken that etiquette. This wouldn’t add any new concerns that aren’t already present, so long as people continue to be upstanding poker players. If you disrespect the game by telling the table certain hole cards THEN your chat should be disabled.

what a silly idea lol

I’ve played with people who’ve told what they were holding during the hand. I mentioned that it was bad poker etiquette. Some players don’t know.