Table options for custom tournaments

In the Poker Disclosure league, we have a rule that every winning hand must show their cards.

This can’t be enforced by the settings for the game, as it is currently. We have to make sure we turn off auto muck hands, and remember to show.

It’s not unusual for people to forget, but it’s against the spirit of the league.

I’d love it if when Replay puts out their new HTML5 revamp of the poker table, that you include many more options for “house rules” like the “winning hand must show” rule. This would allow league administrators to set up the rules for their table, and not have to rely on self-enforcement by the honor system.

I’m sure there’s all kinds of rules people might request, and guess what, they’re all good suggestions. Poker is a game of nearly endless variations. Being able to designate all manner of common “house rules” into a special tournament for a league would make league play more attractive. Designating wild cards (deuces, one-eyed jacks, or whatever), including the Jokers in the deck, etc. would be a great way to spice up the play here.


I agree since my League is also a NO MUCKING league and people do forget , the box gets rechecked when moved to a new table. This would be a great feature.


Great idea puggy :+1:
Not just for leagues but for all games.

An “Auto Show Hands” option along with the Auto Muck would be nice to have. People who want to show their winning hands all the time will have it done automatically instead of manually, and that will also save time on the clock each time the winners want to show their hands.


Thanks, Maya.

This would be an OK thing to add to the player’s options, I suppose, although I doubt very many people would want to auto-show every hand. What I was suggesting was table rules that would allow a league game designer to customize the rules for a given tournament. I’ve yet to administer a league myself, but I presume that there’s some kind of interface that allows the league organizers to set up recurring tournaments, with various options (type of game, buy-in size, number of seats, etc.) My suggestion is to have additional configuration options to allow customized “house rules” type games to be designed. In this situation, the “Always show winning hand” option would be enforced at the table level, for the duration of the tournament, and not a setting for the players to control on their own.

I completely agree.

You’re right, they probably wouldn’t be that many. But I know quite a few players who show every single hand, even if everyone else folds preflop, they still show their hole cards. Also it would be an option to occasionally use, not necessarily all the time, just like the auto muck.

Anyway, great idea for leagues, 100%.

FYI, there is a settings option that will keep it permanently unchecked. Should be useful for your league and @GrandyB’s.


Thanks Foz … I use this option and have mentioned it to the members … from the feedback I got was …they have to change settings before every League game and then change it back because they don’t want this feature when not playing League.Also even though I use that feature if everyone folds to my raise it still will muck the hand if I don’t click on show…


While I would appreciate and maybe use the feature if RPP were to write the code for it I don’t imagine it would make sense for them to spend the resources to do so (at least anytime soon).
All the leagues combined population is miniscule and I consider the setting up of leagues as a favor/courtesy.
Honestly I prolly wouldn’t even use the feature unless I was playing a no muck table.
The players on Sharon Smarty’s league (Poker Amusement) have gotten used to showing and if they do forget (like I have) it doesn’t usually happen again because they don’t want to be called a mucker! :grin:
As long as we give a gentle reminder when people do forget (ie no mucking plz), I think they will get used to showing.
That said, thanks for joining pug, you’re a strong player!

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Yeah, I hear ya. Can’t please everyone, heh heh. They can always manually turn it on at non-league tables too. I guess it depends on how often someone prefers it on rather than off. I like showing my cards sometimes, so I leave it off.

Regardless, we’ve got the info out in the open for interested parties.

Thanks. That setting is known, but the thing is that it requires all members of the league to know about it and configure their options that way. And then they still need to remember to manually show their hand when they win. And the setting in their preferences is for any game they play in, not just the league. So it’s really not the ideal solution. Ideally we would like to have every winning hand show, automatically, in the league games only, without members having to remember to do anything, and without them being able to override or ignore the league rules.

The idea is that it should not be a feature the the individual players need to use or choose. It’s a feature in the tournament or table setup, that the organizers can choose how they wish to set up their special rules for their game.

Just as the individual players do not have a choice once they sit down to play limit vs no limit, because that’s a feature of the table, and not something they control (beyond the choice to sit at that table, accepting the rules of the table).

Imagine the RPP only offered NLHE, and you wanted to start a league of PLHE, but there was no option for it, so you asked everyone playing to voluntarily limit their bets to the size of the pot. They all agree, but it’s easy to forget, or to miscount and overbet. We don’t need a mechanism that every player has to voluntarily configure in their account settings to play pot limit. We need the table to enforce the rules that those who sit at it will play by.


I can’t argue with that pug but the honor system has worked well and everyone gets used to it.
If we do forget at Sharon Smarty’s league everyone knows it wasn’t intentional but we’ll still rib them about it …incl me when I first joined (usually because I hit the nuts on the river and sat with my mouth wide open until I timed out to show).
Not having it show automatically also seems to show a sense of camaraderie and trust.
I can’t demand or even request RPP to make it a forced thing because when I was first talking about this league RPP was very clear and adamant regarding the rule…basically stating I need to know ahead of time that they can’t/won’t enforce it.
I know a few hands were mucked last night but our league will get used to it as they did in Poker Amusement and we should go easy on the folks that will invariably forget for now (but definitely need to rib them until they do learn :blush:)

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I wonder what version of the software you are using? Don’t your settings look like this…



The honor system works pretty good , just takes some getting used to.When someone does muck it’s fun to tell them to Muck Off :slight_smile: . I agree with Puggy though that it would be great if League games could just have that feature but like Randy said , Replay told us ahead of time that they couldn’t enforce this rule and it really didn’t take long at all for Members to get used to it.


good one bud :smile:

I haven’t yet discussed this with the poker experts, but the gamer in me loves the idea. I’ve mentioned one game I play, Overwatch, with regards to an endorsement feature that I enjoy. They also have custom games where you can choose pretty wacky stuff – like playing with zero gravity, faster cooldowns, that kind of thing. I think it’d be fun to allow players to customize tournaments or ring tables in all sorts of wild ways, like the ones you suggested.

That said, even if other folks on the team like the idea, this probably won’t be something we’d do for a while. There are many, many widespread improvements we want to make across the board first.

But seriously, really cool suggestion. :slight_smile:


I’m not arguing that the honor system hasn’t worked. It’s simply not ideal.

You guys probably hate power steering and automatic transmissions, too.

Just imagine if Replay only had a bare bones table, where nothing was enforced. “Suggested” buyin, take as many chips for your starting stack as you want, but we’ll all agree to 3000,just can’t enforce it. Posting blinds is required, but you have to do it manually, and if you don’t nothing happens.

We’d complain if those features were missing, wouldn’t we?

Just expand the idea a bit more, and winner must show fits. And other house rules.

I have no problem with Replay deciding when and whether to incorporate the suggestion. I know as a software developer, it’s pretty easy to do, but you guys know what’s important and what needs to be priority. Since you are redesigning for HTML5, this is the best time for new features to be added. Much easier than retrofitting later. But I don’t know how close you are to completing the new version. Even if it doesn’t happen for a while, it should still be simple to add a boolean option to showdown logic. A few minutes and a few lines of code.


It’s simple, “pay to see”

That’s not the point of this league though.


It is the point, because if I for example be forced to show my cards when win, or others when win, it actually exposing each and every winning players edge…and I think that’s what bothers most, the “how” ?