Personal stats

I don’t know if it can be done, but I would like to see a separate window in the chat box that would show your game stats like, hands played, folded, or won. Hands played from BB from SB and from other positions. Hands won in showdown, hands won without showdown. and then total stats in your profile. This would help me as sometimes I know I play to many hands especially from out of position. just an Idea let me know if it’s a good one.

Good idea!

We’re actually working on getting more stats in front of players. We think it’ll help everyone understand what’s going on a little better when they play, plus it should afford more visibility into how you’re playing. I don’t have an ETA yet, but… soon! =) (We’re looking forward to it too.)

We have the current STATS button in the game table, that is supposed to do pretty much what you asked for. But there are some issues currently with it, and we’re redesigning that part of the game table, to also accommodate Player Notes at the table. So expect to see an upgrade to it in the coming weeks, with the current bugs fixed.

As Greg says, we’re planning on sharing a LOT more stats with players in the future, but for now I think the updates I mentioned above will be really useful.