Cool New Site Features

I think the following features would be really great.

  1. Pot bet button. 2) Maybe half pot button as well. 3) Make software respond to keypad keystrokes for faster betting. 4) The hand history software, it would be nice to have a fast forward and rewind button. 5) Color code players, you could use a color system to remember players play styles.

I think number 1 is much needed, esp. at the higher stakes I’ve accidentally folded hands because of a typo or something and running out of time.

Thank you for your consideration

that is very nice idea ! please stuff, change tittle - to be more notable

I think the first two is already up somewhere, but like the 3-4th . Subbed!

Thanks for the suggestions h7y:

  1. Work is in progress on this - should be added shortly. 2. Same as (1) 3. We aim to add this too 4. Good idea, we should add this in the future. 5. We’re adding a player notes feature, so you can keep track of their playing styles.