This is a response to the contest asking about nicknames—45 yrs ago I learned to drive a semi. We used CB radios back then. The CB handle of the man that trained me was HORSEBREAKER. One night about six of us company drivers were having coffee at a truckstop when I mentioned needing to choose a handle for myself. Everybody joined in with their ideas then my trainer was asked for his input. He said it should be stubborn jackass, because I was the most hardheaded person he had ever trained. We all laughed then started kicking the suggestion around—stubborn jenny, hardheaded-and a few more then one of them said ‘STUBBORNFILLY’ it fit with him being horsebreaker, I liked it and so did they. It has been stubbornfilly forover 3,000,000 solo miles and 45 yrs.

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