Best Chat (or I wish I had thought of that!)

I am not that quick… responses, good comebacks - not snarky stuff - but the helpful things.

I heard one tonight in a ring game that made me say “I wish I had thought of that!!!”
It reminded me that humor is a great tool to diffuse many situations. Here it is…

an impatient player typed "zzzzzzz"
mystrygirl: shhh we dont want to wake him
Moosedrool: that’s right relax. we all have the same time limit

Do you have a favorite you’d like to share?


To someone playing very slow: Any time today would be great!

Like the idea for sure… could it be be interpreted as snide?

Would “anytime today ;-)” be received better?

I don’t know, I like both. I think it’s quite funny when someone says either :slight_smile:

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If you want speed try bobsledding…lol


If you want half an hour before every decision try Chess :wink:


I normally ask the zzzz guy “have you lost the rest of your alphabet” and invite the rest of the table to help the poor guy find it with something like this… “Please look under the table for most of an alphabet guys, it may be scared and wounded because its z is missing. Try to be gentle with it and return it to zzz guy so it can feel complete again”.
If that fails to fix the zzz issue I tend to do a letter of the alphabet every time I see zzzz
Z… Call sign Zulu. The Zulu people are an ethnic group mainly from Southern Africa. Zulu is also the title of a movie featuring Michael Caine.
A… Call sign Alpha. Alpha means first or most dominant. Pack animals, such as wolves, are usually lead by an Alpha male and Alpha female pairing
B… Call sign Bravo. “Bravo Two Zero” is a book giving fictional account of an SAS patrol during the Gulf War. Best used for lighting fires or as loo paper…
C… Call sign Charlie. Despite the urban legend Charlie Chaplin is not the father of Clint Eastwood. Can you imagine “Go ahead punk, make my day!!” with his bow tie spinning…

I once had a player at the table ask if they could do D. and this was what they posted
D…Call sign Donut… There is a freaking lot of Donuts on here… lol


B should be call sign Bingo :smile:


And very fine movie it was (it was also released titled Zulu Dawn). It was based on the real Battle of Rorke’s Drift, pitting two small detachments of Tommys led by two junior Lieutenants against over a thousand incredibly brave Zulus. The British won though the odds against them were greater than at the disastrous Battle of Isandlwana, a few days earlier. The Rorke’s Drift survivors won several Victoria Crosses.

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[quote=“MickiFin, post:1, topic:9024”]
shhh we dont want to wake him

I’ve added that to my desktop text file to copy and paste when needed :wink:

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Lol i like them all.
must try to remember use them
very funny

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I could never think of anything bad to say lol.


And one more… heard it today… Hope this is OK replay…

doaker111 won a hand with the river kiss
player who lost called winner a river h o o k e r ???

doaker111: told him i didn’t know how to knit…lol

I can neither confirm or deny if the following was ever posted.
E…Call sign Eejit… Noun and a descriptive term for a player who believes they can control the actions of others by the repeated use of the letter Z.


Gotta remember that one!! lol

hahaha, i love this thread :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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I can also neither confirm or deny if the following was ever posted.
E… Call sign Eejit… Noun and descriptive term. Hurry up and play. There really is no need to waste the clock every time you blithering Eejit.


Professionals have a longer clock than we do at Replay so perhaps a xanax might help those impatient people


if the player was young they wouldnt understand lol.

really??? haha