On the Top Lists page, and specifically the page for MTT’s, there are categories like : Most Tournaments won, Players Busted Out, Top 3 finishes, Most Chips won, and finishes in the money. My question is, how can we access those numbers we have accrued as players?

you can not see…that kind of information is only visible for top ten players :frowning:


other stuff you wel can see: check your statistics page

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Why? What if I want to attempt to get to this "elite group " of any of the categories, but since those “category stats” aren’t visible to me UNTIL I’m in the group…This type of “reasoning” is preposterous and, quite honestly, it actually doesn’t make any sense at all…I’m not asking to see my ranking on the toplists page. I’m asking why aren’t the “toplist categories” also categories on our statistics page. Tell me how many players I’ve busted out , for instance…My information should be available for my eyes, imho. Keeping it from my access and simultaneously telling to better my game by striving for a spot in the top 10 is backwards.