Statistics page should tally your tournament wins

I’d like to see the Statistics page include counts of your money-finishes in SNG and MTT play. It’d be nice to have an easy to keep track of those numbers.



Personally, I think wins would be enough, though I’d like them separated by game. I know I’ve won at least 2 MTTs of each type of game, but I’ve lost track of actual numbers.

This would be a cool idea.

I use my email to track wins. I delete anything but 1st place, and the little number after “no reply” shows if you have won more than 1 in a day. This is an easy way to track wins over time. You will end up with pages that look like this…


every suggestion by the community should be taken into serious consideration by replay poker. I personally like the suggestions made by this poster!


Ideally, the Cadillac version of this would have every money finish documented, from first place down to where they stop giving you chips back, and break it all down by format and stakes if you want to see it that way, and roll it all up to totals as well.

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And keep track of how many you played. Filters that let you look at specific time frames: set start date, set end date… BAM, you get your results.


How many KO’s, as well.


I like the statistics that are currently kept and posted on that page. It would be awesome if it also included the numbers that make up the top lists page, as well…Thanks for letting me share.

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i would like to see separate tally’s of chip wins by tourney, sng and ring

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That, and profit % and ITM %.