Statistics Tab

I created an account 2 years ago but didn’t stick around long. Came back a few days ago (maybe 5?) and have been logging a lot of hours every day trying to get as much experience as I can get. I recall reading, perhaps in the comments of this thread or maybe comments on the “Do you take notes” thread, that there used to be a statistics tab. I would like to see this implemented, as lately I have been trying to keep a record of what tables I join and how much I walk away with, among other handy stats. I’d like to throw in, at the very least, stats like how many hands I played at a certain table before leaving, and perhaps how many hands I folded pre-flop. Would it be possible to see something along these lines implemented?

TL;DR - I heard notes replaced statistics, and while notes can be handy, would it be possible to add statistics as a third tab?

This is a great suggestion. We currently only have this page in the way of statistics, but stats in general are something we’re looking to improve significantly. The specific ideas of how many hands were played at a particular table, pre-flop folds, etc. are things we may not have thought of and now I’ve got 'em down to discuss. :slight_smile:

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Fizzymint, altho I’d like to see a tweaked dashboard or even a 4th tab created… some obvious things, still don’t apply to some ppl… like RingGameActivity… so SnG & MTT players deserve no stats ?

We definitely want to run the gamut on improvements, whether it’s ring game stats or stats geared more toward tourney players.

When you play poker against “live” players, you do not have any way to gather statistics on your opponents. You do, though, have the ability to observe how they play and this, my fried, is what separates the winners from the losers.