Sorry to anyone at the tables

I know several people who has changed their screen name and was able to keep all their chips.

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i personally do not think any chat -player of spectator - should be blocked from chat ,

The written words leave an audit trail which can be followed up and be sent onto replay admin to take appropriate action including a banning order if serious enough to warrant it .

The key thing is that Replay has a robust,. fair and transparent disciplinary system to deal with any complaint … and people have the confidence in it to report incidents if they do need to. ,

The person who makes a complaint should also receive feedback on what action has been taken ,

if the complaint procedure is poor. . slow and ineffective the site will suffer in the long term .



“robust, fair and transparent” i’ll let you know when I see evidence of any of the above. not so far

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If this happens to anyone, please report the player with hand number and copy/paste chat if possible to . Then contact an available moderator, located at bottom of home page with details.