Sorry for Zombie Winnings

I was in today’s Will Hunting MTT and doing well–in 5th place–when the power went out. It did not come back on until 7:38 PM CDT. By that time the tournament was long over. I just checked my mail, and found that I had finished in 7th. I got 15,000 chips, but because I was not at the table 0 tournament points. I very much regret not having played out the tournament. While I could have been knocked out (20 players remained, with 15 paid), I might also have won the whole thing. I also regret not earning the tournament points, as I am about 15th in the rankings for the month in the low cost MTT promotion. Doing well at Will Hunting could have boosted me tremendously.

When I absolutely have to leave a tournament, I go all in until I get knocked out to prevent becoming a zombie. This time I was not able to employ that option.

See thee at the tables!

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Just checked. My current ranking is 20th. I got as high as 11th, or maybe even 8th, but it’s been almost 2 weeks since I had a really good tourney win.

Happened again. I was in Bankroll Builder B&R, got down to 6 players and had to sit on the pot. Thought I’d have enough time–135K chips–but when I got back I had finished in 3rd.

Better luck next time, I guess.

Happened again, very frustrating.Different cause this time. I was in the Bankroll Builder B&R that started at 2:15 PM CDT. We were in nasty weather–two tornado warnings but no tornadoes–but my satellite connection to the internet held until we were down to 4 players. I ended in 3rd again. Apparently we get tournament points if we are at the table until all remaining get paid. But I want to be finishing because during the past 24 hour I’ve been playing some of my best poker. Very frustrating to get cut off while that’s happening. It’s still storming, so I won’t go back to the tables just yet.