Someone explains to me how we can be so lucky?

I’m tired of losing because of a different card, even in the casino it doesn’t happen all the time


So you are complaining about your 3 of-a-kind losing to a Straight? I don’t know what else to say other than it’s poker. You need to read the board to see the danger signs, there are 4 connecting Straight possibilities at the river, Ace to Five, Deuce to Six, Three to Seven, Four to Eight, so there is every chance that someone could hit a straight. And that’s what happened there. Sorry, but you cannot complain about that.


I can’t complain about anything, after the times I screwed up, then rivered a two outer for someone’s stack. Talk about ears burning.
Won’t lie. Celebrate every time.
Probably find a really lucky hand in most of my tournament wins.
Play long enough and things even out, although some play styles will see those situations to receive that lucky river, a lot more than others.


I agree with you, but when I don’t play 90% of the time and I think I have a good hand, and my opponent draws me three of a kind, it’s frustrating.



If someone called to the river with a 5 8 offsuit and they hit the river all you can do say nice hand (You don’t have to actually mean it). You can be comforted that they will likely give those chip back with interest if the keep playing like that. I will say that replay does have a tendency to have a lot of “action rivers” that hit both players (ie Straight and a 3 of a kind, or a straight and a flush, or a flush and a boat) Sometimes you can dodge those landmines, sometimes you don’t have a chance (who sees a 5 8 making it to the river) Shake it off :slight_smile:


Shake it off is the answer & appeared to be a low stake anyway. Move on to the next game @Karly-chan and GL wishes always at the tables