How lucky can you get?

In the month of Nov., I drew 2 straight flushes. I think i posted one of them. Both times, i took the stack of someone with the nut flush. This means i got incredibly lucky twice in both hands. Image getting stacked with a nut flush, and no pair on the board.
I think i’ve used up all my rights to complain when people draw out on me.
Here’s the other one


opps. there was a pair on the second one.

It was opponent who decided to shove even though there was very obviously a possible straight flush and/or a full house on the board. I would have called a half pot bet on the river with his hand.

final table in one of the SnG promos
this is an example of why you blow someone off their hand if ya can. i really wasn’t in love with a pair of deuces, but for 1BB a street, heads up, i’ll buy a card.

That is what’s known as The Magic River.
Its all so very exciting to see the nut flush get clobbered by the unlikely boat in a 2 person hand. Why play boring 1-pair 2-pair poker when you can play here. If you had folded to a bigger bet you would have missed out on some high entertainment. People who fold too much miss out on these kinds of thrills.

( The ReplayRiver, with 3 xtra non burned cards to possibly hit )

@waidus ,
This is a case of strategies conflicting. Normal SnG strategy goes right out the window in this type of SnG. The Promotion tracks both KOs and Modified T-pts, its cheap to enter, and Leaderboard gives generous payout and rewards for volume of games played. I’m sure many ppl play fast/loose, more often, in these… me included.

What does this mean? Serious question though.