Six-Word Memoir

Can You Tell Your Life Story In Exactly Six Words?

Once asked to write a full story in six words, legend has it that novelist Ernest Hemingway responded: “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

More six-word memoirs from It All Changed in an Instant:

Found on Craigslist: table, apartment, fiance.
Becki Lee

Alzheimer’s: meeting new people every day.
Phil Skversky

Met wife at her bachelorette party.
Eddie Matz

Family portrait: everyone smiles but me.
Ian Baaske

Can you do it?

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Adventures found in books and poker.

Walking,talking newspaper

My Mother lol

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My mom too. Obit pages especially.

Video games: what else is needed?!

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I can do it in three, but it’s an unhappy story…

Lorilei! Lorilay. Loriliar!

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Life is short, better enjoy it!

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I wish I had learned to count.


If you had learned to spell, you’d know you could have made a contraction: I’d.
Then you’d have had six words (but who’s counting?).
Made me laugh again, SPG. :slight_smile:


Marry in haste, Regret at leisure

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I came, I saw, I went.

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Perfect! hahaha Good one.

I thought,
I spoke,
Got banned.

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Without adversity,
there is
no story.

Maybe art school was a mistake?



Plays poker, drinks beer, loves music