Side (prop) bets between players

Back in the 90s, Amarillo Slim Preston is supposed to have bet he could “drive a golf ball more than a mile using only PGA approved equipment.” He couldn’t put the ball in a vehicle and “drive the vehicle a mile,” either. In mid-winter, while a lake was frozen over, he drove a ball out over the ice and the betters all watched as it bounced repeatedly on the ice for well over a mile. A similar tale is told about Titanic Thompson, a famous gambler of the 30s and 40s. Still another version of this story has Nick the Greek Dandolos hitting a golf ball from the north Rim of the Grand Canyon near the Bright Angel trail, thus “hitting the ball more than a mile through the air” though much of the ball’s travel was straight down.

Have you run across any good or interesting side bets, lately? If so, what were they? And, did they win?

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I think this one was the best ever. Over the last 30 years I think the guy made over $400,000.

Here’s the bet. Guy walks into bars, clubs, etc and bets all the customers that he has your name tattooed on his arse at $20 a person bet. Some bet hundreds!!!

Guy pulls down his pants and sure enough he has “ your name “ tattooed on his arse. Thank you very much , pay me !!! Ingenious :+1:t2: Hahahahahaha :joy: