Pros, or Replay

just came across this.
it’s the final table of one of the world poker tour tournaments, 2011.

9:30 - 22:00 shows Gus Hansan stacking the bottom three at the table, in as many hands. These guys are pros, and bet like pros, but other than that…, are there calculations going on that I’m not aware of, or is there a lot of replay going on?

watching clips on youtube brought up a question about live poker. Would it be permissible to turn my avatar into a mask, and wear it? I mean, I’d have to get the eyes a little straighter, but…?

Or any mask? Say you discover an opponent is afraid of clowns.


Yes, there’s the Gus Hansen factor :slight_smile:

These 3 hands were going to play themselves. 1st one Hansen earned because he’s a maniac. Shoving AJo over his range is usually fine. This time Gus had a real hand so just bad luck. Short-stacks playing back against a maniac makes sense but when that maniac is on a heater, there’s not a thing you can do about it.


Sorry Gus, can’t spell for shat.

I watched the whole thing, and one thing that really impressed me was I don’t think there was a single button folded, once HU. I remember a call, here and there, but the rule was, the button gets raised. I’m amazed at how often players, I play HU, fold the button, preflop… EVEN WORSE, limp.
Every time i look at my tournament activity, my 1st:2nd ratio is around 6:1. Part of this is I usually enter heads up as chip leader. Part, is not using all-in to the point it’s no longer a useful tool. Mostly, tho, it’s raising the button.

Buggs Bunny, with semi-floppy ears? I could make one dip when i have the nut, or do I?

Gus was always a factor if nothing else… lol.
I see a ton of references in these forums to the “good ole days” and some of the all time greats… Hall of Famers. These lines should not be tried at home people… poker doesn’t play this way anymore.

I threw up in my mouth a little bit when the FT commercial came on… ugh!

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even the way they played heads up? I’ve expanded my range when first to act from the button. So far, it’s been very profitable.
I do fold now and then, but never flat.

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Unless you start playing with pretty advanced players, raising your strong hands for value and folding your worst hands is probably the best approach. You can complete with your middling stuff and still have a positive expected return with them. Don’t give away too many BB’s by folding too much. People won’t take advantage of your limps as much as you’d think. If they do, start to adjust. Keep it simple and execute well until you meet players who simple doesn’t work against.

The U.S. has been left behind most of the rest of the world because of the restrictions on online play. The rest of the world has gotten better while most of the U.S. is still playing the same game they were 20 years ago. Yes, there has been improvement but not nearly as much as there has been elsewhere. In most card rooms across the country, these still are the good ole days :wink:

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