Show player position where it says the amount of players left in tournaments

At the top right of the game screen where it says how many players are left, can you make it so it shows your position in the field out of the number of remaining players.

i,e, 21 out of 80

Funny you should bring this up, we were just talking about this idea a couple of weeks ago. :slight_smile: Once we agree on the best way to display this information in the space that we have, we’ll get it queued up and added to the game.

Cheers, Lesley

It’s coming! :slight_smile:

We’ve managed to squeeze just enough room to show all the following additional info (example):

Current rank: 67 of 95 (150) In the prizes: 12 Stacks: 75K/120K/655K


That is nice but can you add right above “Current rank”, “Chip/Tourney Leader - Player Name”?


You can see detailed stuff in the tourny lobby. Just enough space for the basics on the game screen

Great idea! I’ll make a note now and see if we can add that too :slight_smile: