How Many Left?

Is there any way to have a “players playing” or “players left” count posted on the table during the game? Especially with the big tournaments?

One way to find this out is to keep the tournament lobby open, then you can see exactly how many people are left and where everyone is currently ranked. Space is limited on the game table itself, so I’m not sure where we’d fit it in.

Hi Paul, thanks for the reply.Sometimes my table sets off to the side and I can see the lobby and everyones ranking,etc. But most times the table sets right on top of the lobby and blocks the view. I can’t figure out how to move the table over! Any suggestions?

Unfortunately there’s no way for us to control where your browser positions the window, but couldn’t you just move your game window to the left or right to see the lobby underneath?

To move the game window you can hold left click on the top bar and drag it to another position, hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey jon888 . Thanks greatly!! That does the job!

I still think that players left and other information would be great help in tournament tables… Like average stack size, biggest stack, smallest stack etc. No need to rush this as i know you guys got lots of work with new site coming and all :).

Not sure what you mean, but if you look into the tournament lobby when the tournament is running, all that info is there already.

Yes i know, but other sites i’ve been playing got those infos :(. The biggest problems about vital information in other window is that when you got 4-5 tables open (yes i played 4 in replay lol) and then you got 2-3 lobbys it gets kinda messy surfing those windows when your time is pretty limited anyway. No problem i hope we get other features asap :slight_smile: GOGOGO Team RP.

all you have to do is keep lobby window open, and have alook when you have half a second. and carry on playing. I have found it easy

Yeah i know… but im lazy lol what can i say heh… not urgent matter but maybe when important stuff been added i hope ^^

RP tables have nice graphic. I love because they not messy.

Only one thing who missing is flowers.