Show number of players and tables left in the tournament on the game table

list # of people STILL in tourney where it can be seen at a glance

make easier joining of tourney if late or for other reasons

perhaps move one(automatically) from wherever he is on replay to the appropriate tourney table

Thanks for the suggestion eddy42. Would you want to see the number still in the tourney on the main lobby page or on the game table or both?

If in the main lobby, would you want to see it on the row of information or in the more information box on the right hand side?

on the game table left top with ‘‘time til break’’ and other info

also like to see # of competitors remaining in game

you could put it thus

‘‘13 players on 2 tables’’

Great, thanks for the feedback.


i think players will be able to to more fully develop their strategy for what they will now know what awaits them

i’m delighted


In the meantime don’t forget you can keep the pop-up lobby open (position it next to the game table - so both are in view) then you’ll see exactly how many people are left and how many tables.

well -only my thanks- oh yes and tell mr morris he has been much more patient with this hard-headed old man than most


mr gould

need instructions

sure like to do that as it would probably obviate any need for my suggestion

fact is,however, i don’t know how to do that(keep pop-up open and position it next to game table)

ty eddy42

Nice idea. Would be pretty cool to have the remaining players under the blinds/antes/time remaining.

Hi eddy42, so here’s a screenshot what it would look like when you position the two pop-up windows side-by-side:

It’s really just a simple as dragging the window to the side. Nothing more.

good idea, i think you should do it.

Good news, the “Players Left” counter will go live next week.