Number of players left in tournament

could you show the number of players still in the tournament you are playing like a number in the corner or somthing i was playing a tourament and we were down to 4 players on our table it was at that nimber for about 20 mins so i thought we were all that was left so i played my cards as if that were the case then all of a sudden our table filled up i just wish there was a way to see how many people are left without leaving the table

it is already there in the tournament lobby

but you have to leave the table to go to the lobby why cant it be right there next to spectators

jmon , just dont get rid of the lobby page. But there are times I accidently hit the page and it disappears, so I think I know what you mean. GL

There’s a lobby button on the tournament game window, so if you ever accidentally close it, you can get back to it that way. The problem with adding the players left in the tourney to the game client window is the amount of available space. We don’t want to make it too cluttered, so for now I think the best way is to use the lobby button - but thanks for the suggestion!

ReplayPoker has added it. It shows on the tourney table upper right now. I love it, makes it so much easier now you not have to look on the pop-up lobby to see how many players are left in the tourney.

Thanks for the suggestion Jmon.

Thanks for adding this feature works great no more having to leave the table

Any progress on making replay available on iPads ?

Thanks for the question Jmon. We made some good progress earlier in the year, but it was taking much longer than we planned, so we decided to put it on hold until probably early next year.

We’re definitely going to release a version that works on mobile/tablet, but we just had too many things we really wanted to add to the website, that we felt it was better to put on hold for now.