Roll down menu bug

If I put replaypoker in google search (

) then click on the site ( ending with .hu )
the roll down menu not work, dasboard not shown, just a website-header but not main page. (Pic two)

Still work if
You already have open any replaypoker page.
If you click on it before the page fully load in.
( if you click on auto fill in google chrome, the bug not shown, you have to put manually replaypoker in header and hit search)

google chrome

did not try in other browser. Could be dissapointing for new people.


Ahoy! I just shared this with the team. We’ll take a look. Thank you for reporting it!

Following-up: They found the problem if you’re logged in before visiting Replay from that domain, things can get a little confused, though we’ll be getting it fixed all around too. =)

Definitely not your computer though! Thanks again.

I know. Was not a problem for me, it was an old problem, just have some time to look in to .
Did you check the other links as well? like .de .ru


Have been booted out as big hands were won now am broke again, if you look at MY history you will see have been screwed many a time!!!

This is a wrong thread.
Anyway, I try to help.

Usually pp get booted wireless internet, slow PC.
What you got?
Are you updated adobe acrobat player?
If you run youtube in the background, stop it.
Try close the lobby (its refresh itself, slow down) open dashboard instead.