Unable to get onto replaypoker.com . Browser says couldnot find host

when I type in www.replaypoker.com

browser displays this “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to www.replaypoker.com

Sorry for the inconvenience, there were server problems. I hope it is solved now, site is available again.

If you was playing a tourney that time, and you was kicked out, please send a mail to support@replaypoker.com , with all info, name of the tourney and the buy-in.( if you not won a price of course) Then the staff can refund you.

Greetings Happiness.

Too Early Too Late 10000

Buy-in: 9,000 + 1,000 chips

fedamaro 4th











texaspete 10th

metronome 11th

…none could play.

for example: Hand 61976739 Replay

Thanks for reporting. It was a sheduled server maintenance.

May some tournament players get trouble, well, if any player have problem becouse of this, please contact RP support team by email at: support@replaypoker.com


( I set it as “not a problem” )

monster jam 5000… chip leader out of 3 at time of crash

On behalf of the whole team here at ReplayPoker I’d like to apologize for the site going down this morning.

We replaced our database server with a more powerful one this morning that can handle more traffic to the site. You might recall last week we notified all players about a scheduled downtime. Unfortunately on both occasions we had to abort the migration process to the new server due to technical problems. The good news is that today we migrated successfully.

Unfortunately due to a lack of communication between the team, we didn’t notify players as we had done previously.

We’re going to discuss how to avoid this happening again and also how to have a more graceful way of shutting down tournaments prior to scheduled maintenance. We understand how frustrating it can be when you’ve invested your time in a tournament and made it to the final tables only to have the tournament suddenly stop working.

We’ll also do our best to refund everyone who was affected by it. If you think you’re owed a buy-in, you can also email us at support@replaypoker.com just to be sure.

Sorry about that everyone :frowning:

All players (4th-11th) now refunded

I’ve refunded you the 5000 buy-in terilammers, sorry about that.

If anyone else was affected by the instability on the servers today caused by our server upgrade, please either email support@replaypoker.com, post in here or via the support feature on ReplayPoker telling us which tournament you were in that was affected and once we confirm your registration for the tourney, we’ll refund you the buy-in. In future we hope to develop a better system for tracking tourneys affected by server issues along with a way to quickly refund those affected.

You should stop dealing cards, with the information when you will continue, and disable registration in the tournament for that period. ( something like break on tour)

Yeah I think so too sarkozi

  • ReplayPoker Team

Note, that we’re aware that players using Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions maybe not get the optimal experience from the new site. Unfortunately these browsers are quite old now and aren’t designed to take advantage of the latest web technologies. We’ll be working on some optimization techniques to improve performance, but we strongly advise you to upgrade your browser to either Internet Explorer 9 or 10, or better still switch to Google Chrome, our recommended browser! MOZILLA FIREFOX

how do i get back in

how do i get back in

What seems to be the problem seashell?