Logging in

Just wondering. After I login to https://www.replaypoker.com, It takes me to this page:

https://www.replaypoker.com/sessions The page you were looking for doesn’t exist

I was wondering why it doesn’t take me to the dashboard.


Staff need your nick name to check. Also, browser, PC, Op sys info would help. Try diff browser first.


Mountain12 is my user name. First off. It works good with Chrome. But with Windows7 , using ie10, it takes me to the error page.


You see when new version of browser come out, the site get optimised for thet, on the old browser may not work after. (all and any site work like that) I mark this thread as “not problem” If you update to IE11, the problem still in place, please report it again.



https://getsatisfaction.com/people/rick/edit For future reference, better if you change your nick on the page above, you will get faster respons from staff members.)

ie11 has too many issues. Many websites wont work right. I will keep ie10. Replay works, I just need to manually hit dashboard. I will be ok. Thanks

Now that a good info, I do email this to staff now and Im sure they look this problem, if easy to fix and wide spread, they may fix it.


We think we’ve fixed the problem with an update this morning, if you could try again Mountain12.

If it still doesn’t work can you try clearing your browser cache and let us know if it then works.