Replay's total rake

Just curious…If replay was a “real” casino…They rake 10%
so in an average day with say…1000 seated…playing…15,000 hands
How much would replay make?
I am guessing…over 100,000 chips…500,000
one for the support team…or we could make a poll?

They also take a percentage of tournament buy-ins, so for every entrant in a 100k tournament, they take 5k. The rake also seems to be capped for each table, so it is not just a flat % (for 10k/20k it seems to be 500 per hand, which is far less than 5%). Between the tables and the tournaments, I would guess that the rake on a given day is ~10 million, but I could be way off.

It’s good that the site collects rake even though the chips are not worth money because otherwise there would be a tremendous amount of inflation.

Interesting question mel98. JoeDirk’s correct, in that we take rake and tourney fees in order to help combat inflation. With the ability to earn free chips (daily bonuses, referral fees, freerolls etc) or buy chips, we’re creating chips out of thin air, pumping them into the ‘replay’ economy. The end result being that we have at least 10 players with 1 billion chips or more. If we want to avoid having ever increasing bank rolls, we need to find ways to take chips ‘out’ of the system, commonly referred to as drains in the free to play gaming industry. Other games let you spend virtual currencies on virtual goods, for example a virtual diamond ring to show at the table. It’s not something we’ve done in the past, but we’re always open to new ideas; and a way to display your ‘status’ to other players might be a fun idea.

Back to the original question, I don’t have the figures at hand, but I know we’re still pumping more chips into the system than removing, so there’s still work to be done to better balance everything.

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