Why does Replay get a cut of the pot since the chips aren't real?

Why does Replay get a cut of the pot since the chips aren’t real?

Hi RowdyRudy! Replay wants to make the game feel as real as possible as if you were playing for real money. This is why Replay gets a cut of the pot like they would do in a cash game at a casino or a real money online poker site.

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There is another reason Replay takes a cut of the chips. It reduces the amount of chip inflation. They give free chip bonuses every day, and if they did not take rake from the pot and from tournament buy-ins then there would be an infinite supply of chips.

Just like money in the real economy (and the income inequality that occurs), the chips on Replay tend to filter to just a few players. So, if there are 100,000 active players with about 5,000 chips each, those players will typically lose the majority of their chips, let’s say 75% or a total of 375,000,000 chips. That means that for the winning players, they may start out with 5,000, but they can quickly win 100,000, then 1,000,000 and so on, and if Replay does not reduce the number of chips in circulation then they will need to have tournaments with buy-ins of 100,000,000 because the chip counts will essentially become meaningless. There is an exponential scale near the top where some players have billions of chips and even a few dozen ranks below them are players with only 100 million. I believe that Replay should actually take a larger rake from the pot to reduce this phenomenon. The chips are free, so more rake is better lol!


Good point JoeDirk.

@JoeDirk. Exactly :+1:

nice points.

i had also already thought of the point that marc mentioned, to make it more real. but also didn’t thought about the chip inflation until i read about it on some of the forums since not long ago. nice to know and fully agreed on both points.

I like your analysis Joe but I am not sure there is a chip inflation problem going on here at replay. It would be nice if they published the number of chips in play within the system every so often. Then it could be tracked. I am going to assume the management of the site watches the variations and keeps the total within safe parameters to prevent massive inflation. I think you forgot to consider all the chips coming back into Replays coffers due to abandoned memberships. I think the average age of the players here are considerably higher than middle aged. Lots of retired people , like me. As we pass on or become incapable of playing, these chips eventually revert back to the site. Others move on to other things and quit playing. Some join, get free chips and then never play. I would think Replay would look at the number of chips coming in as it plans new promotions and give aways and keeps them comparable.

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A totally new meaning of “dead money”. :innocent:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.




there would be an infinite supply of chips? I think there already is. If 100 million joined & wanted to buy 999 million chips each I’m sure Replay would sell them the 999 million imaginary chips. They’re like paper money, they have no real value because they’re backed by nothing of value.

:wink: Dead money is a good thing.

Exactly, they have no real value so replay can sell/give away as many as they want, but when they do that players have more and more chips, so by removing some chips from the “economy” they make them more “valuable” by having less of them. In the current system, the number just increases so that 1000 chips today equals 1m tomorrow and 10m after that until it is meaningless. Chips are like points, not money, but who wants to play a game where the point values are always changing?

Like working for a company for 2 years, and min wage goes up … new hires get your wage?

If 60k chips are normally $2, I can’t see anyone paying $1k for 30,000,000 , so if you have that or more, I bet you are no longer on Replay’s radar as a revenue source.

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Just off the cuff (some may not know the meaning). Replay Poker has has an infinite amount of chips, I don’t. If someone want to spend $ on free chips then that is their prerogative. The one thing I do understand is Reply is trying to make the experience as real as possible to being a real poker table but personally us “free” players do not even notice, or care. We are trying to win. If someone wants to buy 10m chips for whatever there are worth … I have no problem. As you can tell I don’t care if there is a rake at free tables or not. also, don’t care if someone wants to pay for chips. Wish I didn’t live in Florida where online gambling is verboten. Dam - big cuff …

Marc978, thanks for your reply. As for me, I don’t see that it makes it any more “real”. I’m not complaining though as the chips are free. I was just curious. What would make it more “real” would be to let people talk a little trash without worrying about getting muted. Thanks again for your reply.

Joes got it right, there would be to many chips if they didn’t take some back out of play. Anyone else having a problem getting the free chips? I’ve logged on 3 times today and haven’t got them. It’s been over 24 hours since I got the last free chips.

Hi all, Every time I get free chips It’s 2500. I have to go to the Dashboard
then the chips come up. That’s my daily chips. I get 2500 because I play
every day. If you miss a day it goes back to 500 chips. Good luck on that.

Why do Aces beat Kings, since the deck starts with Aces…Ace, two three…etc

There is a tale that has been passed down the family for many generations. Ya see my family invented playing cards about the same time as my greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat (and some more greatgreat) grandmother (her given name was Ace) was interested a young man.
Now way back then the family were just about settled that playing cards would represent life as they knew it. The King and Queen are obvious, The Jack represented the heir with the 10 and 9 being the suitors to the heir. the 8 represented the Church while the 7 and 6 represent those employed by the Kingdom. (the road builders, the tax collectors and the soldiers). 5 and 4 were to reflect business and commerce leaving us with 3, 2 , and 1. .What they had decided was that the 3 would represent a working class man and the 2 to be his son learning the family trade leaving the 1 as the girl child.
Now, that young man I mentioned earlier chose this night to make his intentions known. He had worked for years to create a home and a future. He donned his finest garb and went a’courting. On being shown the plans for the deck of cards he picked all 13 hearts and approached the young lady he had his eye on (Ace). He began to place the cards starting with to 2 and ascending in value , one by one, in her hand while saying “Your father and brother are fine men but I’ve no desire to share my life with them. I understand how business works and work hard to keep my business growing to enrich the future. I pay my taxes and duties to the Church and the state and obey the laws laid down by the Royalty”.
When only the 1 was left in his hand he got down on one knee and, laying the card on top of the stack in her hand, made this vow. to the young woman " If you would agree to spend your life with me I promise that from this day forward You will be the most important thing in my life. You are the one for me, my Ace. More valuable than Kings and more loved than Queens, Above all things and all others."
That is why the Ace outranks all the other cards and is always considered to be feminine with the ace of hearts often used to represent love.
Well, thats the legend but who knows…!

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