Why does Replay take such a large cut of the prize pool?

Playing a 10K SnG and only just noticed the percentages of prizes aren’t as large as I thought they would be.

Obviously there’s 90’000 in play, but there’s only 66’600 split between the top three finishers.

Why does Replay need to take 23’400 of the prize pool? Even real money sites don’t take that much.

I find two 9 seated sng with 10k buy in. I think you refer to the second one, the “Knockout”. There Bounty payed 1850 chips for each player knocked out, top of the prize pool. The tour fee only 750 for each buy in (total 6750), 83250 payed in total for the first 3 and the bounty.

I hope this answear for your queestion, all info in the lobby’s. If I’m wrong, please post the tour number/name/link you refer to.

really want to know the answer to this also. phony money money, why is house drag necessary?

Hey kids, wanna buy some chip inflation?

@thebigo43 Just one post above your valued comment… in a simply way , just for you, just now: ** from 10000 only 750** ( most of it go to the freerolls anyway )

@LeMow LOL good one!

only response i have is ??? as in what the hell are u saying

Yeah, this place called for “Community Forum” for reason.
Also, if you ask why have “rake” or MTT fee, two main reason, one is alrady mentioned, called " inflation " , second is to make the play more realistic.

If this still not answear for your question, perhaps you should be more clear what you asking, or/and contact with RP on the apropiate channels.