Replay poker coach

i think i have a good idea:

since there are several titles in replay (moderator, player rep, translator, volunteer, CEO, forum moderator, and who knows what i forgot), i thought it would be a good idea to add poker coaches on replay.

the theory behind it is to choose some people which are good players, or have lots of poker experience. players like seville who has lots of history with poker, or idiotplayer/unranked who are the highest players here by far, of course they are just a few examples and (much) more good players are out there. the idea of picking some coaches is that they can give lots of good advise to new players both on the tables and here on the forums. with this title the newer players know right away they are here to help and it also makes it way easier to ask questions/post hands about what they like to know.

since this is a poker site after all, i think poker strategy (and the advise that comes with it) is a very important part here. which means make the right people a coach here will be a good idea.


This is an idea we have been considering for some time. Before we create such a role, we want to be sure we’re able to provide system functions and site areas for coaches and players to interact. We’ll take a closer look at this suggestion after our priority projects have been completed.

In the meantime, we have many excellent players who have a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share it here on the forum. There have been numerous discussions on hand replays and poker strategies that have helped others develop and hone their poker skills.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting concept, but… We already have entire categories devoted to this (Poker Strategy, Poker Discussion, and Players Helping Players). A lot of “coaching” is already taking place informally in those spaces. Also, there is a noticeable–and very vocal–portion of our player base who are skeptical of everything (and everybody) involved here since we ALL must be dedicated to cheating them of their free chips, forcing them to buy more (see The Fairness Debate). Those who already believe the world is out to get them are unlikely to be converted into Johnny Mosses or Doyle Brunsons by offering them a coach; in their view, the coach will simply become responsible for their continued “unfair losses.” This is probably a role better left informal. Just my opinion.


ok, i’ll wait patiently then. thanks :slight_smile:

i understand your point, and i agree there is a core of truth to it, but in my idea to add these coaches i would never wish to erase the informal advises. i for example love to give these informal advises as well to help the other players. and if coaches would be added here i would never stop trying to help them. it’s just meant as an addition to replay, not a replacement.
as for the “unfair losses” i think if people are already willing to ask they probably already want an answer. and if they didn’t ask and a coach gives them some advise, it would be more or less the same as when someone else gives advise which is they could accept or reject the answer, but it’s up to the player either way how to play from now on. and even if they lost because of the advise it’s still poker, which means three things. 1:(s)he could have misinterpretated the advise. 2: (s)he did it right but got a bad beat. 3: because of the infinite variables in poker something else could have happened. since these things always are present in poker, any advise could go wrong, no matter who gave it.
thanks for your point of view, i hope you enjoy mine as well :slight_smile:

hope this helps,

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Yiaz, EVERYTHING you write is a pleasure to read, even on the relatively rare occasions when we disagree.


very nice to hear that, thanks :slight_smile:

if you want i like to help you, but i need a little more information about you as different stuff is needed for different people. some people need to know about basic strategy, some people need help about a specific part of the game, some people like to refine all their strategies, some people need more advanced strategies, and some people need help to point them on their leaks and how to refine them.

if possible try to explain what kind of stuff you need help with, or if it’s too hard to figure out your own skill level, you can post a few hands here so i can figure out for you where you can use some help.

edit: u can do both as well of course, you can mention where you find your own points of improvement and post some hands for additional stuff.

hope this helps, yiazmat.

I don’t know…but it seems like there are too many poker coaches out there already. You can hardly play a hand without some trying to tell someone else how they should play.

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@yiazmat hey i need some help playing heads up can you help me out here?

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that’s true, but it’s actually one of the reasons i would approve these coaches. since there are many people that like to give advises, there are also people which are bad players who give advises with good intentions but worse results. but with the coaches here people could still decide for themself what to believe, but with an extra part of confidence when a coach advises something.

no problem :slight_smile:

i like to give you some general parts of advise to begin with, but if you like you could post a few hands here so i can give you some personal advise as well.

  • the first and most important thing about HU you should know is that it requires a way more aggressive approach. for example: when you hold A2o on a 9h table, you have an easy fold in most circumstances. but in HU A2 is a strong hand, since you only have to beat one person, you only need to beat one hand instead of 8 hands. meaning ace high is often enough to have the best hand preflop.
  • each and every round requires you to play in the blinds, which is also a reason more aggression is required. 9h you lose 1,5BB every 9 rounds. so if you win 2BB’s every 9 hands you already make profit. but the same thing happens HU every 2 hands. so to compare, every 9 hands in HU would lose you 6,75 BB’s on average if you do nothing. which is also meaning you need more action
  • as usual position is important. but even more so in HU. since there are only 2 seats you are either in advantage or in disadvantage and nothing in between. one of the most common mistakes i see on replay is limping the BTN way too much. instead i would raise about 80-90% of my hands on the BTN. it might sound like senseless raising, but because position is so important you want to play bigger pots IP. and if your opponent is already doing this and you don’t you are playing bigger pots OOP and small pots IP. which you defenitely don’t want either. and even if you miss teh flop your opponent will about 70% of the time as well, meaning you have a good opportunity to steal with standard cbets. even if your opponent is someone who likes to float most of your Cbet’s you could also find out easier IP and valuebet more often.
  • at last, having reads on your opponent is more important as well, 9h is about beating the table, player image is important as well, but since yuor reads are spread about 9 people they aren’t as accurate as when you can fix them to 1 person. and because all that matters in HU is beating that one person, you will require good reads to do so.

hope this helps, if not feel free to ask.
gl, yiazmat.

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Thanks for the suggestion to provide poker coaching. As noted previously, we’ll take a closer look at the potential for poker coaching after our priority projects have been completed.

For folks who would like more personal discussions of poker strategies, please feel free to reach out to one another on our messaging function through the site.

Thanks to all for your comments! :slight_smile: