Rake Changes: Thursday, November 2nd

Hi all,

We’re making some increases to our rake on Thursday. The last time we made changes was in May 2022, and after evaluating our chip economy, we see another need to make adjustments.

We’re making these changes for a number of reasons:

  • We’re keeping our economy in mind. We want your chips to feel valuable, and avoid the stark levels of inflation that other poker sites see.
  • This will allow us to continue to offer promotions that pay out higher rates of chips. We increased prizes significantly this year, and we want to continue to make them exciting.

We’re making some changes to the BB cap at some stake levels, and our high stakes tables will rake at 5% (our other tables have already been raking at that rate). With these changes, we’ll still be charging less rake than most free-to-play sites (many of which have no rake cap) and it keeps us in line with rake charged by some real money sites.

This chart details the changes that you can expect:

We encourage you to check out our blog post on bankroll management and keep this in mind when you choose your game tables. This will minimize the effect any rake changes have on the variance you experience.