Decrease Rake on Heads-Up SnGs

Just a suggestion, but the 5% rake on heads-up sit n goes seems too high. Why would anybody pay Replay 50k just to play a million chip heads-up sng when the rake to win 100m chips in ring is only 1k? In SnGs with larger fields (6 or 9 players), the 5% rake is not as meaningful because the prize pool is larger and the tournaments are longer, which reduces variance. Heads-up is a very high variance game, where even a player with a major skill edge is likely to only win 60% of the time or less, so to risk 1m chips to potentially win 900k does not seem worth it.

Heads-up SnGs are a great format because they are easy to start, quick to play, and offer an alternative to ring in which a large number of chips can be won quickly. Reducing rake would add incentive to play this format. Also, I will repeat my point from previous threads that rake in ring should be increased by at least 10x at high/elite stakes and probably a lot more than that.


Without a doubt. Even a 0.5-1% rake with a reasonable cap would be leaps and bounds better than what it is now, which is essentially a zero-rake game. I have no idea what the reluctance is on this and the benefits have been pointed out repeatedly. Even bumping the rake up to these still incredibly small levels would make a huge difference in the general economy and I would bet a large sum of money that 99%+ of players wouldn’t even notice anything had changed. Zero downside and lots of benefits for a simple adjustment seems like a no-brainer to me.


fully agreed on both of you,

it seems like an important and easy alteration to apply in my idea as well :+1:.
on top of that, elite stakes would give much bigger rake then HU anyway. so it’s better economy for much less trouble.

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Raising rake on ring games and cutting rake on some higher stakes tournaments would promote tournaments over ring, which would be a good thing because it would add variety for those of us who only play ring because it is the only game available at stakes over 500k (apart from a couple of times per day with a multi-hour time commitment). Raising rake on ring would also reduce the dizzying chip inflation.