Headsup SNG buy-in suggestion

Any chance that 2.5 million and also 5 million buy-ins be created for the one-on-one (heads-up) SNGs instead of it being at 1M tops?



2.5 Million and, also, 5 million heads-up (“One On One”) SNGs!

SECOND request!

Come on. PLEASE (Hall & Oates would agree)!

I’m just about ready to roll up me sleeves and make another $100 donation to this site!!

Thank you,

re1ayer - the most COMPETITIVE/PASSIONATE no-money poker player in the World!!

oh yeah, and FOR REAL MONEY too if I ever decide to trek back, lol

You can set up your own table here and make it 10 Million if you want , 25 Million, 50 Million.