Poker Room Updates - February 2023

Hey all! We have a few changes to our poker room that we’ve implemented, or will be coming soon. :spades: :clubs: :hearts: :diamonds:

Royal ring games will switch to 4-max from Monday, February 20th.

  • Currently, most Royal tables typically have 2-4 people already.
  • Royal MTTs and SnGs will remain at 6-max, pending any feedback.
  • This change will make it easier for lower rank hands to win pots.

A new Premium Member Freeroll will launch on Monday, February 20th.

  • This new 100k Freeroll will be at 5:00am ET.
  • We’re adding this Freeroll as a result of feedback requesting a more convenient time for European players.

100k Replay Rookie Freerolls kick off today.

  • These Freerolls replaced the 25k New Player Freerolls.
  • We hope this will attract beginners to earn some chips in a friendly environment.

More Texas Hold’em Heads Up SnGs are now available.

  • We launched 250,000 and 500,000 Hold’em Heads Up SnGs after receiving feedback from a few players last month.
  • These fill the gap between 100k and the 1 million chip MTTs.

If there are additional poker room changes you’d like to see, please share your thoughts in the Suggestions & Feedback forum. Our Ops team will evaluate the viability and make updates. We have more to share soon! :mega: