R.I.P. Mike Sexton

Mike was always one of my very favourite people in the professional poker community. A cordial, humble, classy, polite, and humorous individual. Condolences to his friends, family, colleagues, and the poker community.


Sorry to read this. I have fond memories of watching World Poker Tour, back in my early poker days. I have a huge stash of taped episodes I haven’t watched in years. Mike Sexton was a good commentator, knew the game well, a good sense of humor.


Aw, RATS! I liked Mike. He was a gentleman’s gentleman, always polite and gracious. I met him several times over the years. He will be missed.


Yeah, sorry to see him go. I met him during a player’s party he hosted at Studio 54 in the MGM Grand in '06. He was very nice, and seemed happy to talk poker, even to a nobody like myself. As an ambassador for poker, he had no equal. RIP Mike.


Great guy! He will be sadly missed…


Funny how you gravitate towards certain people on TV. As soon as you hear their voice you feel calm, cool and collected and sit so you can listen to the person speaking. Mike was like that for me, he had that gift and we were all blessed that he shared it with us all. Did not know of his passing until I read it here. God Bless and RIP Mike.

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