CONTEST - What quality do you appreciate in other players?


Welcome to this month’s contest! This time we have a wonderful submission by @miri123, and we want to know: What quality do you appreciate the most in a player at the poker table?

We’ve listed four options: Warmth, Good Manners, Skill, or Quietness, but if there’s something else you like even more, share it with us. Reply below and let us know why you appreciate that particular quality in other players and you could be one of five winners who receive 100,000 chips!

Winners will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, August 15th. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


I’m going with B, Good Manners. All else can be forgiven.


B- good manners…this is at the top of the chain for me, if people cant reply to a “nh” or a “hi” after saying it twice to them they go down in my bad books…i was always taught to be polite and courteous to others and when others are not like this i can’t deal with it, lol…just the way i was brought up and you know Canadians are all polite :slight_smile:


A, B, and C are all lovely to encounter on the tables,and I occasionally appreciate D when I am playing poker and cooking a meal at the same time!


If I had to pick one from the list, I would go with warmth.
But my favorite qualities in other players are liveliness and a good sense of humor.


I guess I will pick “B” …but if the choice was here it would have been Social Skills …know how to have fun and joke around, say “ty” when I say nice hand , taking a second to type ty isn’t going to ruin your concentration and make you lose the next hand … if it does , then try typing just “t” and if that still doesn’t work then I hope all that concentrating on your poker hand pays off for you…actually that’s a lie …I hope you lose , but I will still say gg knowing I won’t get a response.:roll_eyes:


Telling that you don’t even mention my choice…

E. Good sense of humor.

This doesn’t mean someone who knows a million jokes. People with good senses of humor know how to have fun. When they make a bonehead move and you call them a bonehead, they laugh instead of calling to have you banned. They understand that every comment isn’t a personal attack, even if it’s directed at them.

Normal social interaction demands that we get along with those we might not always agree with. Melting like a special snowflake at the slightest perceived affront marks one as a person totally lacking in basic social skills, and those lacking such skills should be lined up and spanked with a wooden spoon, not pandered to like petulant children.

So yeah, my vote is for adults who know how to act like adults, and who play free poker to have fun.


I have to go with B. I send friend requests, I notice, to those who demonstrate mannerliness.

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I’d go with B and C. I enjoy players who have good manners and Poker etiquette and those who have good Poker skills. I enjoy the competition and playing against other good players.


Of the choices offered, I’d have to go with “B.” BUT, I’m really with Maya and SPG that good Humor should’ve been an offered choice. “Jack Benny” humor (character driven), NOT “Redd Foxx” humor (profanity/shock driven), in other words.


I go with E: Good sence of humor

A will come by itself when it fits
B can be learned :wink: - Lets hope for the best
C yes but not on every seat. I want to keep my chips
D can be ignored wether they have it or not


E - Lively sense of Humor.


B, C, A, not D, in order. That said, liveliness and good humor are tops!


C Skill. Its a treat to watch a good play.
A and B Warmth and manners most people have.
D Quietness, not much preferred, doesn’t bother.

Other things:

What I don’t like is the cold play. Pitching on a particular player or a low stacker.

One I appreciate is the brave calls: Players betting arrogantly high, often with no or low cards, someone challenges him and take him out of the game. Very close to hero call and bluff catching, but latter can be part of the game though.

Other is the players who enjoy the game, not just concentrating on winning, and make good comments.

Good manners and patience with new players. I remember being new to the site and new to poker and I so appreciated the people who took a moment to say hello or give me a little bit of help when I needed it.


B - Good manners, but C - Skill is a close 2nd. So I like playing against folks that are good mannered skilled players.

i agree with lyn above, good mannered skilled players but if i could add the fun joking around type to the good mannered skilled player than that would be the ideal player to play with at any of the tables

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Got to go with SPG here and say sense of humor or camaraderie. This is a social poker site after all.


The ideal player at a poker table is witty, intelligent, skilled, polite, rich and looks like George Clooney.
OK, if I must pick a quality I like, I’d say warmth, and by that I intend the willingness to exchange once in a while a few lively words with the others, and possibly to laugh with them.
Sense of humour is undoubtedly the most entertaining quality, but not all possess it, and that doesn’t make them less agreeable companions at a table.
I value skill and good manners, too, of course, but personally I don’t at all dislike playing with some “infamous” bad-mannered guys.
Finally, I have no problems with playing an entire tourney without saying a single word. I pity those poor, poor silent players, though, when they have the misfortune of meeting myself and some friends of mine, equally talkative, when we play at the same table. :slight_smile:


You describe me so well!!!