Poker Protocol

I play in a weekly tournament. Had a new player this week who made it to the final table, was chip leader (major!), and got a call from his wife and he had to leave to go to dinner. He shoved all his chips in to the current pot and left. This, in my opinion totally changed the game, and someone who had a few chips gained all the quitting player’s chips. Which made the lucky winner (who of course had just a few chips) the new chip leader. What is the proper way to deal with this? Is this the way it is done? I would appreciate anyone who knows proper procedure. NEVER had any chip leader at final table leave because their wife said so, LOL


I believe simply leaving your chips on the table is considered the correct protocol.


First of all, I don’t see how someone with a few chips manages to win the biggest stack’s whole stack. This doesn’t quite add up to me.

Anyway, I agree that the proper way to leave is to just leave and gradually chip out.

The chips are fake, the wife is real. The wise man keeps this in mind at all times. When you leave a tournament, it doesn’t take your house and half your stuff.


I totally agree that correct protocol is to just leave the table and get chipped out lets call it “Poker Etiquette”

But u must also be aware of a couple things I have witnessed

  1. A player announces they have to leave and says something like “Here u go just take my chips I gotta go” then they go all in and catch a sucker b/c they have AA or another monster starting hand

  2. A player says something the same and another player whom happens to be their friend or in my case my enemy :slight_smile: raises up the pot to force all others out and they call with crap and pass off those chips … This does not happen that often but I have seen it especially in SnG promos … is it cheating or a good strategy that is debatable


Excuse yourself, wish good luck and leave your chips.

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The “honourable” thing might be to leave your stack and walk away but poker is a game that involves disinformation and lies. The rules of the game are structured to demand a player must try to win (anti collusion). Leaving the big stack undefended is wrong in that it encourages the rest of the table to quickly fold to each others BB and only contest the “free” chips.
If I must leave my stack is going in again and again and again until i’m eliminated or guaranteed payout

I agree the proper etiquette is to click the post fold when you exit.

Why would someone make that explanation on why they have to leave instead of just leaving?

@Goatsoup @grapevine

This sounds like a form of collusion on both parties.

Well in a SnG promo where the leaderboard is based on wins … giving off ur shorter stack to block out ones opponent may be a good strategy … it has not worked against me but possibly moved them up the board … if the next pay jump is say 50k and the buy in is 1-2 k it can be seen as a profitable strategy … I have seen it tried that is for sure


if you have to leave then sit out and that’s that

if you have friends on the table and you are trying to dump you will get caught