When do you cash out?

I’m totally asking here, not telling. I spent some time in (ew) brick and mortar casinos over the weekend, and definitely felt the rush. Fortunately for me, I’m too stingy to pay ATM fees. How do you know when it’s come to stand up and call it a night? Do you sent win/lose conditions on yourself?

It always feels weird to bail after a big win, but pressing my luck never works out. It’s a bit different online, for sure, but how do you avoid angering other players?

The Gambler’s Fallacy. The struggle is 100% real.

Sometimes you get a nice table and no one gets mad. Other times you can’t please people. Just play your way and don’t worry what others think as long as you’re happy with what you do. When playing for real money I take a set amount and I’m also to cheap to pay atm fees.


Its about winning and winning is chip management. Bail whenever and don’t look back…other players would do the same.

Yeah, that’s definitely true. Thanks for that perspective.

It’s also not a bad idea, if you’ve doubled up or won a big pot to stick around for a while, but don’t really play any hands, especially if the game structure is cheap enough to just stay around. In a full ring game, you can stay around for 10 extra hands, paying only a big and small blind, takes the sting off! :smile:

play as long as you feel that you have an advantage over the rest of the table. not when you are ahead as the result of a big suck-out, but when you are really “better” than the others. of course, when you get tired and your play begins to deteriorate, leave!

This is tricky, I will be blunt. When I play live Texas Holdem I usually go in with $ 300.00 if I win big, I cash out, if I don’t I consider it a learning lesson. When I’m playing online, i have nothing to lose, I can be more risky. Hint there is a clue in my name!

People get passionate about poker - wins and losses. You will never be able to please everyone. Do what ‘you’ can live with. If leaving a game right after a big win is going to bother you, then stay and play a few more hands. If it’s not going to bother you, then get up and leave. One things is for sure, no one is going to complain if they take everything ‘you’ have and you’re ejected from the table. If they aren’t upset by your loss, why should they be upset by your win??? Do what makes you feel best about you. On line and in real life that is the best you can do ‘for you’.

I sure like your attitude!

I always go with a set amount of cash and a time limit. Out of cash or time limit is up…you’re done. If you’re up big then stick to it until you lose one half your profit. I always put it in my head that the cash I bring is already lost(if you can’t afford to lose it…then you shouldn’t be there).

This is the same approach I use for going to sushi bars.

Winning always angers the other players, who would much rather be angering you. Don’t give them a second thought and just do what’s right for you.

Walking away from a table you’re crushing is kinda silly… don’t set win limits. If your luck suddenly changes, don’t walk away, run.

Playing while losing is another story. Have a set limit you can afford to lose and, once you hit this limit, leave.

Also call it a night if you are too tired to play well, no matter how much you are ahead. In fact, never risk real cash when you aren’t 100%, for any reason.

Table selection is important. Look for a table where everyone is talking and joking, and, hopefully, drinking heavily. Also be aware that tables change complexion over time. Once those drunk happy players start to bust out, they may get replaced with serious sharks. If the table gets tougher, find another table. Seriously, table selection is the single biggest factor you can control in order to increase your advantage. This is also true in online ring games.