Try to be smart and not greedy

When a short stack goes all in and there are more than one caller, please check and not bet as often you get the worst end of the stick. The idea of this game is to knock out players, not chip them up. Johnoliver.

Thank You for the advice. they may not care or the idea of a tourney is to win. I say let everyone play the cards they have and you play yours. What we need is more love and understanding. Thank you for your ideas , but some times one needs to grab the worst end of a stick so they will have it to wack someone the next time.

Thank you Burgoes for your reply, yes you are quite right in what you say. I must learn to be more tolerant and understanding . Some people are just bingo players, hahahaha. Just a little humour to brighten up this subject.



john i agree somewhat with the chip up but,

if you have a good hand,

and you know most likley its thier last ditch effort to get back in the game and will go in on any cards.

why not take the shot i found more often than not its easy money

Shouldn’t you make every move that maximizes your position? The player going all in knows what might be ahead, or better. If you think you are ahead in the hand why would you take your foot off the gas? The all-in would be happy to triple or quadruple up ; shouldn’t the others have aggression as a tool to win the hand?

Thanks for your comment. I’m sort of new at the game and would welcome your further thoughts. Peace - shanti - shalom - namaste.

Hi. Thank you for your thoughts. The name of the game is to knock out your opponents so you move further to the goal of winning or getting as far as you can into the tournament. More often than not the all in usually chips up because the best hand folds. What I am saying is all check, you do not loose any more chips and the all in will get knocked out. I hope this makes sense.



yes John, in a real life tourny the smart thing is to check it down, BUT, this is all for fun and most of the time it just doesn’t happen. I too wish it was different but unfortunatly it just isn’t. We just need to stay positve and make the most of what ever we are dealt. This site in my opinion, has alot more smart and good players than many others, and we have a great support system, and wonderful people to chat with. Lets all try and get along and smile even when we lose. I think you make alot of sense, and are always fun! Good luck, Gopo.

Hiya Gopo.

Thank you for you thoughts and I agree 100% with you.



The players on this site who are tying to play realistic poker and have a good understanding of tournament play should and probably do check down in this position. It makes sense to have all the hands who called the all in alive at showdown so there are more opportunities to knock out the short stack. It is counter productive to bet at another player in the hand where u could possibly get a hand with the potential to win the pot to fold. Some players do not care to try and understand the strategies of tournament play and unfortunatly there is nothing we can do about this. Now, lets talk about getting the laws changed so we can play internet poker for dollars instead of chips. While this will not get rid of all the bingo players (they’re in the casino’s too), it would weed out alot of them.

Hiya G14Classified.

Thank you for your reply. I am glad I have reached someone who knows what I am talking about. It is a free site and I am very happy to be playing against so many good players.

i was playing on Pokerstars for real money but found it very difficult to win and it was costing me a lot of money each week. After consulting many players from around the world they were all of the same conclusion that the site was and is corrupt.

I would suggest that anyone who is thinking about playing online poker for money be aware of the dangers. Where there is money involved there is always corruption.



if you have a premier hand and the short stack shoves is chips, your job then is to isolate the rest of the group and re-shove, if ev1 played the game as passive as you would want, surely you are taking away the exciting elements of what makes no limit holdem such a great game.

  1. A poker site gets no extra money rigging hands. They make rake on every hand no matter what. In fact, it would actually hurt a poker site to “setup” players with very strong hands to go against each other. Every poker site has a set % of rake with a cap. Once the pot goes past a certain amount of $$, the site gets no more rake. So if a poker site was rigging hands, they would rig it for medium strength hands that make medium sized pots to maximize the amount they make in rake.

  2. The reason you recall more strange things in online poker is because you simply play more hands than you do in a Casino. You don’t have to wait for dealers, drunks, etc. You can also play numerous tables online. I usually play 400 hands an hour online while only about 20-30 hands an hour live at a Casino.

  3. In a tournament, the short stacks are getting desperate and go all in with a bigger range than the big stacks who are calling them. Therefore, they will lose more often than they will be winning because on average, their hands will be weaker.

  4. Poker is a game that can have high variance(luck factor). Because of the variance, you might notice strange things happening in the short-term. However, if you were to keep a database of 100 million hands from Pokerstars, you would see that everything is normal.

  5. These theories come about after people lose a lot of money due to playing bad. So don’t believe what you hear. Especially when humans have very selective memories

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So exactly what is a “bingo” player?

Great post pokerclan1. I couldn’t have explained it better myself.

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usually low stake player. go all in all the time.