Pocket aces

In my opinion bullets win more often than the lose, but every hand is unique.
There are many variables on how to play them, but I would always want to play them.
The strategy varies depending on whether you’re in a tournament or at the ring.
I usually play tourneys and I’ve seen players limp their way around and wait to bet big until the river which can work, but you’ll feel awful if the bb with 82 gets 2 pair to win. I would make a large preraise, likely bet strong after the flop, but realize you may need to fold. Just like cowboys, ladies, fishhooks, big slick, they’re premium starting hands, but sometimes you gotta fold em. Of course you gotta make a read on what the other player(s) have. If you bet too big and everybody folds, at least you won some chips instead of losing, they’re just two cards, get on to the next hand and keep your patience.

Toss the Aces, play the Kings.

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Just played a tourney. Saw a player with aces one time with a preflop all in with two other players. Aces won, knocked out the other two, like it probably should be. Play your aces, just don’t get po’ed if they get cracked, they’re not automatic winners.


Here is a link from blackrain79.com. regarding pocket aces. I realize the following analysis focuses on low stakes real money games heads-up. But I believe it is still relevant to this discussion. I never fold pocket Aces preflop. I almost always raise or re-raise pocket Aces with the goal of reducing the field, gathering information, and trying to take control of the hand.

I also realize the value of pocket Aces winning without improving them is greatly reduced when multiple players stay in the hand post flop.This is all the more reason to play your pocket aces aggressively. Knowing you may have to fold them when faced with multiple callers, and a textured board. Of course you always run the risk of someone playing any 2 pair and hitting a set. But fold pocket Aces preflop never.

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That’s why you toss the aces because they are not automatic winners as so many believe in free poker.

I agree that this is the best way to play them. If they call and you haven’t made a set or two pairs, you may want to rethink about another raise.

This is one of those situations of do as I say not as I do.

Playing live money poker vs Free Replay Poker is comparing Apples to Oranges. Pocket Aces here is not a guaranteed winner in any venue but especially in free video poker.

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OK, just had pocket ACES busted 3 times in last 20 minutes lol:).

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YOU are 100000% right, i know that first hand…I honestly rather play poker with good players as they respect the cards.

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I did not say pocket Aces were a “guaranteed winner.” But seriously Craig what other hand would you rather have pre-flop in a real money game or free poker than pocket Aces?

On Free online video poker sites , pocket kings for sure. Real money I’m 3 betting on pocket aces.

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Money game (pocket Aces), here ( 2-7 off suit so i can fold lol ).

OK, just had pocket Aces in tournament and 3 people all in (pre-flop) so stupid me call and my hand came in 4Th and i said " i expected that lol " and guys tells me i lost because i think that way lol, i tell him nope, lost because it is a re-play hand:).

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Hahahahahaha, yup, toss those aces.

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Just got knocked out of 1m chip tourney with pocket k’s. Opened with 4x blind (1200), got two callers with marginal hands. Flop not much, went all in, they both called and both rivered me with a straight. They really should have folded imo, but they didn’t, you know free chips, and so it goes. Play your aces, play your kings as well, lol.