Real quick question

Why is it so common to see multiple pocket pairs dealt in the same hand ?

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Looks like this hand was discussed in this thread…

I mentioned there that the odds of this are about 1 in 30,000.

See also this lengthy 7 year old thread which has evolved into an RNG discussion as of late.

something is realy funny.
Yesterday I played each hand with Q an 10. I never lost a game through 3 rounds !

Can European Players get one game more, so we have the same in daytime like the USA ?
We have 7 in day and 8 over night in EU, USA have 8 a day and 7 at night.
Just for Royal Poker

Because its the site lol

merci de me dire comment effectuer des relances a

Good morning,
please tell me how to do reminders

Bonjour Ă  toutes et tous
Merci de m’indiquer comment effectuer des relances en chiffres ronds, je suis parmi vous depuis le mois de décembre 2022? Je n’ai pas trouvé…
Bonne journée à chacun

Hello all
Please tell me how to make reminders in round numbers, I have been with you since December 2022? I did not find…
Have a good day everyone

Not understanding round number reminders ?

Because it is called re-play poker lol:)