BMT (Big Match Temperament)

Knowing when to fold good hands, even when you have pocket pairs.
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Just make good decisions, and if you want to deviate for some reason, make it because you are exploiting a player who you have a good read on. Accept the results knowing that you played the game as well as you could, but always look at the hands you lost as potential opportunities to learn better. If you played it right but the outcome just wasn’t there, don’t hesitate to do it again, but if you made a mistake, learn from it.


Thank you for taking the time to respond and the great feedback. I found myself a little nervous on calling similar hands after flop but I hear what you saying about having a good read on a player before making calculated risks or decisions.

Having a pocket pair does not mean you have a good hand. Being able to read the board, and see if a pocket pair means anything. The flop, betting, position, many other different things go into what is a good hand. Are pocket As a good hand preflop? The flop will tell you. Do you give players a cheap bet and let them see the flop, or over bet and chase them out? That is one of many situations where position comes into play. Pocket pairs does not mean you have a good hand. Have you ever heard the saying “I’d rather make a bad fold than a bad call”? Then there is bluffing. Playing for real $$ is where you will see so many things come into play. Players do things with free chips that in a cash game you would lose BIG time.

thank you for the feedback.
much appreciated

I want players to have a good read on me. I probably exploit that more than any other single thing. Of course, this is at the levels I play. I suspect this might not be true in the higher level rings.