Player ranking inconsistencies

I was just at a table playing against POKEMAN899 in a low stakes game. He plays like a maniac betting hundreds pre and post flop. I checked his ranking as I always do with all players at my table and saw that, though he was playing like someone who is ranked in the 400,000, he was ranked at 4220 but being called a “Low Stakes” player… Curious, I opened his profile page and saw that he had only 860 chips in his bank. If rankings are based on chip count, how can you list him at 4220 with only 860 chips in his bank?

Well, now ranking not count chips IN game.
So, even you got 10 mill, but all in play, temporary your ranking change to low stake player.
Dont worry tho, the ranking will be changed next year.

I think I replied directly to your support email, but just in case:

We are definitely looking at improving the way we look at rankings. It can use some work, as you’ve pointed out it’s pretty confusing. We’re also looking at the frequency with which bankroll and rank update, which should hopefully make it more accurate and a bit easier to tell who’s got the tall stacks. =)